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Tycoon Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tycoon Investment") is headquartered in Beijing and has multiple branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hainan and other places.

Tycoon Investment is a professional company that provides innovative financial services and strives to build a financial industry service chain with unique advantages and leading positions. The company focuses on investment and structured financing services in industries such as real estate, tourism, mining, education, green and low-carbon (large-scale infrastructure and urban comprehensive projects), and people's livelihood security. It has formed a system of fund allocation, project screening, product data Brand services in the form of due diligence reports.

The company has gathered numerous industry elites in trust, banking, securities, law, real estate, finance, and other fields, building numerous high-quality platforms for the company's business architecture. These platforms have successfully relied on each other and operated closely, achieving efficient integration of the company's comprehensive financial investment industry service chain.

The company implements a risk isolation control mechanism, and the information collection, due diligence, risk review, and post tracking of all investment and financing projects are completed by personnel from different departments. As of now, the industries that have achieved investment and provided financial investment services by the company involve real estate, mining, manufacturing, and other industries, with a total investment amount exceeding tens of billions of RMB.

As an advocate and practitioner of innovative comprehensive financial investment service concepts, Tycoon Investment is rooted in first tier cities, radiating across the country, based on domestic finance, and looking globally. Our advantages are: strong financial resource integration ability, rich project resource reserve strength, and unique human resource relationship platform. With the support of various sectors of society, we will be committed to becoming a continuous leader in the industry and gradually developing into one of the best investment companies in China.


Our Advantages:
Financial Resource Integration Capability
Project Resource Reserve Strength
Human Resources Relationship Platform

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